It grieves me to think about Sunday afternoons in America. All across this land millions of Christians will participate in church services on the Lord’s Day. They will show up brushed and polished and happy. They will listen politely to the Sunday School Lesson. They will sit through the sermon and occasionally amen, at the appropriate spots. They might even go out to lunch (if the game’s late that day.) But when they get home the most abhorrent of things occurs.

They set the Bible down gently and leave it there.

If they’ve worshipped the Lord, but abandoned His Word is it really Worship?

I’ve done it too. I’ve gone looking for my Bible on Sunday morning knowing full well that of all my possessions that is the one thing I ought to know the location of at all times for it is the one thing which I should be handling as much as possible. I wonder, sometimes, what it would take to make us all handle the Bible like it is what it says it is? What will it take to make the church realize that the Creator and master of all the Universe and every thing in it wants to reveal as much of Himself as our tiny brains can handle and its all right there in the Bible?

And how often, when we finally sit down to read the Bible do we bring so much tradition, presupposition, and worldliness to it that we might as well have just left it on the shelf? We try in vain to take all the things we know we know and press God’s Word into the neat little cage we’ve built with them. When we come to the word of God in that way, we are the ones who are caged. We are the ones who are imprisoned—strapped tight by our own wants and desires. Because “…the word of God is not bound.” (2 Timothy 2:9) God’s word should transform us when we read it, not the other way around.

When you pick up the Book with a holy reverence, though, an awe of the power in your hand, you are the one who is changed.

When you revel in the glory of the one who made you and saved you and gave you the Word, you are the one who is set free.

Do not deny yourself this blessing another moment.

The Word of God is not bound…are you?


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