If God is…

If God is who he says he is in the Bible, then He must be the Sovereign Lord of all of His creation.

If God is able to save those who are lost, then he must have a way to do it…

If God convicts a person of their sin by the Holy Spirit, who initiated that situation?

If God is all of these things, then why is it so surprising to us that he is in control of every minute detail and exercises providence for the world and His church?

On the other hand…

If he isn’t in control of all things, then bad things happen for no reason at all, randomly, all the time–destruction without purpose isn’t a very attractive idea nor is a God who merely allows things to happen then makes the best out of whatever pieces are leftover from the carnage.

We merely feel guilt, not conviction when we sin and we change because it’s uncomfortable not because God has changed our hearts by the indwelling of the the Holy Spirit.

If God isn’t these things we have based our salvation on a decision we made, essentially, to be good, sin wasn’t really that harmful to the Human race and Christ died for nothing.

If God isn’t who he says He is in the Bible, then the Bible is a lie and we are all in trouble–christians the most miserable of them all.


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