Intro to ECM 5: Emerging, Emergent, Immersion, Whatever.

Bo? NO! Intro to ECM 5 from Pulpit. I knew Driscoll was on the Conservative end of this movement but how in the world can you reconcile Bono with any Christian thing?

I’m thinking of a group. They’ve got their problems, sure–but they write lots of songs about heaven. Isn’t that great? Of course I’m talking about the gods of heavy metal from the 80’s and 90’s. Here’s another one: They’ve even got Jesus in the name of their church how about a big hand for those Mormons!

Thats it for this visit to the equivocation station. Next time we’ll talk about The Southern Baptists and how their preaching man’s choice over God’s destroys the fundamental value of the Atonement.



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