I know I should be doing my Christmas shopping but I’ve been following the posts over at Pulpit Magazine on the Emerging Church and now I’ve done some reading on Mark Driscoll who is apparently on the conservative end of that movement. (Who could miss it? There’s something like six thousand hits when you click his tag.) Some of its funny and lot of its sad but most of it–foul or fair–is still aimed at a fellow who is taking said heat because he made some Biblical statements on his blog. Anytime you can make a Biblical statment and spawn a protest group called People Against Fundamentalism you must be doing something right. CenturiOn is surprised that Pastor Driscoll is just figuring out that he is a public figure. It’s like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Pastor: Dude, I’m like totally famous.

The second thing here is: Mark Driscoll, Fundamentalist just doesn’t seem like something you’d see on the nameplate on his desk, you know what I mean? I thought all the fundies were here in the South. That has to be a relative statement.

There seems to be a communication problem there…somewhere.


One response to “Unbound

  1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

    I dig Driscoll. He really has been doing great work at Mars Hill; I’ve been blessed by his ministry and I live on another continent! I recommend “Confessions of a Reformission Rev.”

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