The Strangest Thing

The Strangest Thing (part three)

Part 1, Part 2

“When Christ calls a man he bids him come and die.” Perhaps the most famous Bonhoeffer quote in all of his writings. And yet when we read what the Bible has to say about marriage it compares the duties of the man in that relationship to what Christ did for his Bride—he died for her. All along the way setting one foot in front of the other on the way to Golgotha.

One of my heroes with regards to being a man in a marriage is Joseph the worlds most famous step-dad. Instead of accusing Mary of adultery he went ahead and married her. Then raised her exceptional son along with their other children. Joseph in going against the tradition of his own people literally laid down his life—everything he was or hoped to be—for his family. You think small towns are bad now? I’m sure this event was the talk of the town: Did you hear? Mary’s turned up pregnant. It’s hard to be a successful carpenter in a legalistic society when your reputation’s been tarnished.

While this young-pregnant-single thing isn’t much of a shock for us–and that speaks volumes in and of itself–back then it could get a girl stoned to death. Today its almost socially unacceptable to even hint disapproval let alone criticism.

So where are the Joseph’s of today who stand up and do the right thing? Where are the men who will toss away their plans and their dreams to do for God what they see in His Word? I don’t meet many Josephs. I meet the Bicep twins. I meet the single Mom’s. Single as in Daddy had other things to do–for the rest of his life.

Think about these things this Christmas. If you have a family, quit grumbling and enjoy your blessings. Start being a husband in the Biblical sense and lay down your life. You’ll have room in your arms to pick up your kids and hug your wife that way. They need it.

One other thing…a family, if viewed as a problem, will eventually go away whether you want it to or not.

Well, time to put together the do-dads and bicyclemajigs and things. Don’t be jealous…you can have a family too. Stranger things have happened.

Long as you’re down there…
Mommy Wars


One response to “The Strangest Thing

  1. great post. i just got engaged. and in my proposal i spoke of how my goal was to strive to be what Christ was/is for His bride.

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