Oh yeah and a Bible too…

Holidays come and go—Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s—but potlucks are forever. And while surviving a Southern Baptist Potluck Dinner isn’t equivalent to the sort of challenge that James Kim faced it can be a dangerous proposition. Lest the reader get bent by that last statement, I was recently involved in a discussion about survival—tangentially generated by that situation. The crack was made, perhaps by me, that survival kits should be issued before potlucks. Let the groans begin…

    Southern Baptist Church Survival Kit

For Potlucks:
Antacid/Acid blocker of choice
Dental Floss
Elastic waist pants
Breath mints

In General:

Nose strips (to prevent snoring)
Hard candy with noisy wrapper (to encourage the pastor to wrap it up)
Jingly keys (for invitation)

Along these lines we’ve started keeping our older children in church with us so they can learn how to worship along with us rather than being sent to Children’s Church. Its very nice, actually, and long about the third Sunday they started really paying attention.


One response to “Oh yeah and a Bible too…

  1. *chuckle* I attend a southern baptist church myself. I thoroughly relate.

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