Technorati Schmecknorati

Every now and then I like to go through the tags and popular searches on Technorati to see what people are blogging and talking about and looking for when they hit the web. While this isn’t always for the faint of heart (Think Miss Nevada. Some links don’t need to be clicked to get the gist) its always interesting to see what attracts us.

Saddam and searches related to his execution have been hogging five of the top fifteen spots. I think thats a good commentary on his public life right there. Britney’s always in the top ten for some reason. I’m going to say the facination with her goes right along with the USC song girl thing–lust. The desire to have an eye full added to the whole idea of scantily clad cheerleaders even more scantily clad. Boys who are old enough to be men showing all the emotional maturity–and sophistication I might add–of a Freshman high school football locker room.

In spite of that I was pleased to see the word Thanks close to the top ten. We don’t say thanks enough I think. Americans are becoming an ingrateful people. (I’m probably a little behind on this one.) Happy New Year, 2007, and 2006 are all big ones too. Pat Robertson doesn’t think its going to be very happy but he also said we’d have tsunami’s on our coasts last year. I think they misspelled it. You know the word. For the 700 club its always been about PROFITS more than prophets.

Google’s on the list, of course. I clicked a link to a Google translation of my blog into something other than English. That was strange, seeing Unbound in, er, Spanish? Something like that.

I was almost glad to see Christmas fading in popularity. We’ve made such a mockery of it that its almost an embarassment anyway. The Big three: Money, War, and Security are throwing down with Windows. Vista is sure to roar onto the scene–as all Microsoft products do–as a Beta requiring a humongous service pack to make it usable. I’m not optimistic about upgrading anytime soon but I am thinking about a Mac for my next computer purchase.

Dieting is up there too, which makes sense to me. It’s generally around the first of the year that I look around and go “Man, I ate all that?”

Well, may the Lord bless us and keep us in the New Year.

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