Repent Brother Robertson Repent!

Here’s the Centuri0n post that started it off.
Here’s the other two subsequent posts.
Here’s the petition:

I generally don’t go in for this sort of thing. Petitions I mean. I signed this one but the last time I did this it was the one about amending the constitution to allow prayer in school. Well, I didn’t know it was already allowed until later but I did discover that prayer in school, according to the 2nd amendment means ANY kind of prayer…like if I’m a Christian that means a teacher can have her Buddhist monk or her Hindu priest or even her Southern Baptist pastor come and lead the kids in prayer. Let that one digest a minute.

Therefore I suggest you read the petition link above and if you agree with it and the consequences sign. The consequences? Yes of course, perhaps Brother Robertson will repent and perhaps he will quit diluting out the pure Word of God with his own hot air. (The old wine is best bro, quit trying to mix in the new.)

Huzzah! To Frank Turk for taking a stand for the gospel.

Update: Bumped for good measure


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