Catch of the Day

IPhone, Bush and Beckham made the Technorati top fifteen this morning. At least soccer isn’t ahead of world policy—yet.

I have to say that I personally was most interested in the iPhone. That thing is slick.

Challies had this to say after reading a book about the iPod. Instructive.

I found a function on Google that lets you search blogs. and did a few searches. As usual there are some pretty disturbing sites out there. but here are some fun ones.

I though this Lego Church was cool. My favorite question is: Why is there an organ if it’s a church of Christ? Very astute. It’d be easier to make fun of this if it weren’t an accurate representation of what goes on in Southern Baptist churches most Sundays. (If you snip faq.html off the end you can view pictures of the thing. I liked legos when I was a kid and still do—my kids love the things—but not this much.

Here’s another one I just happened to not click. I have to say that the answer to this fellows questions at the end depends on your definition of revolutionary. Are we talking about more of the same works-oriented SBC stuff or are we talking about sanctification and obedience? I’m going to have to think on this one a bit.

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