Unbound 1000

Well I’m not really a huge numbers geek but I just hit a thousand on the hit counter. I’m not sure if that actually means anything or not but I’m a little bit excited. I blogged for three months last summer and got around 200 hits–including three a day or so from myself. WordPress doesn’t count your visits so thats pretty cool.


5 responses to “Unbound 1000

  1. C.T. So happy you made it to 1,000. congratulations! By the way, I can’t post over at Founders anymore. Something blocking me. But I chuckled over your comment that you got an extra book to give some pastor if you can find one who’d read it. That was funny! O ye of little faith. 🙂 selahV

  2. SV

    It was only slightly tongue in cheek, unfortunately. I also did that with Boyce’s Abstract when they published it but I don’t think I’ll be giving it away any time soon.

    As for your commenting status its probably one of a couple of things: a.) there’s some sort of issue between the new blogger and the old blogger as far as commenting goes. I’m not sure what it is but if you’ve got one you can’t comment on the other or something like that b.) it’s possible you’ve been banned.

  3. Banned? Oh my? Why would that be? I’m using typepad now so I don’t go through blogger anymore. But that’s okay. I’m sure I couldn’t add anything of substance anyway. Most of my questions are answered with questions. Thanks for allowing me to post here. Don’t you think if a person is banned that a host should tell them why. Or if not why, give them a heads up? That’s funny! It really is. I’m either a dolt or a brilliant apologist with threatening abilities. This is funny. SelahV

  4. I was just listing some of the possible reasons why a person wouldn’t be able to post on a blog. Did you check to see if your blogger account is still working? Some blogs don’t allow you to comment unless you have an account and are signed in. I believe Founders is that way too.

  5. I went in and made a comment on Founders last nite. It worked but it posted from an old profile from blogspot. Doesn’t matter. Am glad I’m not banned. I was only being tongue-and-cheek with you about being banned. : )
    I should have made that clear. Sorry. : (0

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