Do not be deceived

January is a bummer of a month for me. It’s the time of year when I am already sick of winter and looking forward to spring. I generally start messing around in my garden on days that are around 50 degress and thinking about messing around in my garden on the real winter days. I also get a lot of catalogs this time of year because THEY know that I’m about to start buying things for the yard and the garden.

So I get ads. I get catalogs and flyers. I get emails with links like this one.

And I’m thinking, why? Why buy an almost perfect fake when the real thing is available?

Theres a spiritual principle in there…see it? Right there at the end. I bet you can figure it out with a little bible study.


2 responses to “Do not be deceived

  1. Ah, but Josh, the real thing takes work…with fear and trembling…examination to see if there’s growth…making certain that the real thing is going to bear fruit/flowers…

    Get a fake one and everyone will admire its perfectly tailored flowers that bloom out of season. All you have to do is walk down the right aisle and show proof of purchase to leave the store with it.

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