Catch of the Day: Blogroll

Blog Name: …and His Ministers a Flame of Fire

Frank Turk, alias: Centuri0n with a “zero”, not an “o”

Reformed Baptist and a heck of a guy. I’ve emailed him a time or two with questions and smart-alec remarks. Always gets back—with a good answer generally. I always thought reformed Baptist was a bit like saying “Military Intelligence” you know, there’s always going to be that little pause for laughter when you say it but its true. Contrary to what I’ve read in some of the SBC papers these reformed fellows aren’t all evangelism-killing prune-faced scholars who stomp around throwing up gallows whenever they encounter someone who wants to disagree with them. Ol’ Frank here actually seems to get ticked off if you try to interfere with someone’s evangelism.

Frank gets a full-net, if we follow the fishing metaphor of Catch of the Day.


2 responses to “Catch of the Day: Blogroll

  1. Dude:

    I’ll take that as high praise.

    Are you on the blogroll yet?

  2. Nope but if you’d like to add Unbound I won’t argue.

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