I was reading this when I came across this link to the ESV blog. (The ESV is probably the best translation I’ve ever read so go get one if you don’t have one.

The post
is at least as convicting as anything else I have read about our blogger attitudes. It’s important to realize, as I have noted in a few places, that we should watch what we post and for what reason.

Trust me, if we don’t watch, the world is.

Thats why whenever I come across a post like this one: I am humbled and grateful for the reminder that our actions are to be humble and child-like and they are to reflect Christ–not the argument of the week. Thats a tall order. It’s also one that we fail at miserably on a regular basis.

I read the article by Challies quoted by the ESV Blog when it was published and agreed with it. That was one of the reasons I stopped reading most of the more polemic SBC blogs I was combing through at the time. I am further convicted–though I’m not sure how this is going to play out day to day–about my own blogging tendencies.

I just hope the rest of the SBC community gets the point.

I still agree with Luther that there is a point where you have to assert yourself. There is a point where disagreement must be made. He first used the quill against Rome–and then the hammer.

Pray through these things brothers and sisters and see if they match up with God’s Word–then post. I think thats the only way to do it.


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