Catch of the Day…

Well I had planned on writing a post about a new movie thats out or coming out called the Messengers. I was going dig into the Bible and show how this type of “supernatural” never has any good effect. I had planned on talking about Saul and how he got rebuked by a dead prophet. But I can boil all of it down to this: The Bible says this sort of thing has happened but it also indicates that its never good. The Christian would do well in avoid that sort of thought–even going to these movies isn’t good in my opinion.

Besides, I found something thats infinitely more creepy this morning over at the Founders Blog. Tom Ascol writes a post asking “Have We Lost The Gospel?” As my beloved pastor says on occasion, “If that don’t light your fire your wood’s wet.”

Its time to examine our selves, brethren, to see if we are in the way.

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