One of my favorite movies is the Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. I remember toward the end, when they’ve taken a break from their ‘donnybrook’ they go into Cohan’s for a drink the barkeep says, “Whiskey? Na, that’ll get yer blood up…” Spurgeon does that to me. A shot of that will, in fact, get your blood up if you’ve got any blood to get up. Consider yourself warned.

I found this and wanted to share it this morning.

“And these are ancient things.” – 1 Chronicles 4:22

Yet not so ancient as those precious things which are the delight of our souls. Let us for a moment recount them, tell them over as misers count their gold. The sovereign choice of the Father, by which He elected us unto eternal life, or ever the earth was, is a matter of vast antiquity, since no date can be conceived for it by the mind of man. We were chosen from before the foundations of the world. Everlasting love went with the choice for it was not a bare act of divine will by which we were set apart, but the divine affections were concerned. The Father loved us in and from the beginning. Here is a theme for daily contemplation. The eternal purpose to redeem us from our foreseen ruin, to cleanse and sanctify us, and at last to glorify us, was of infinite antiquity, and runs side by side with immutable love and absolute sovereignty. The covenant is always described as being everlasting, and Jesus the second party in it, had His goings forth of old; He struck hands in sacred suretyship long ere the first of the stars began to shine, and it was in Him that the elect were ordained unto eternal life. Thus in the divine purpose a most blessed covenant union was established between the Son of God and His elect people, which will remain as the foundation of their safety when time shall be no more. Is it not well to be conversant wit hthese ancient things? Is it not shameful that they should be so much neglected and even rejected by the bulk of professors? If they knew more of their own sin, would they not be more ready to adore distinguishing grace?

—C.H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening February 2(evening)

I saddens me that we as Southern Baptists have cast our lot with the Athenians and their Aeropagus, ever searching for new things to talk about and do. Ever looking for that new hook to bring in ‘guests’ and their offering dollars. Would that we would return to the ancient hard truths of the Bible and there plant feet and preach the gospel—All of the gospel and not just the sweet dainties found in bits and pieces of the Bible or books written by men who make better salesmen than ministers. The Gospel is sweet, make no mistake—spend your life (and many have) and you will find nothing sweeter. But it is hard as stone…a stumbling block to some, crushing others into dust. There are some, though, who have made it the cornerstone of their existence. All they do and say is bound up and supported by the Gospel. The true old gospel found in the Bible. A gospel that uses hard words like ‘repent’ and ‘atonement’ and ‘justice’ and ‘mercy’, words the depth of whose meaning we cannot in this life plumb.

Who then can hear these ancient things and still believe? Hard sayings but true and Christ wasn’t one to leave out the hard truths, even when it cost him popularity and followers—or his life. There are those who follow Christ not because He is Lord but because He is Cool. And while that may be, no one dies for cool. No one hangs on a cross to make the cover of Time—not unto death. You will find few saints in fashion magazines.

So I’ve posted all of that to say this: we are way past due to take up our bibles and become a people of God’s Word again. Not a Lifeway people, not a Charles Spurgeon kind of people–people of the Book. Were we not once called by that name?

“If they knew more of their own sin, would they not be more ready to adore distinguishing grace?”
we are told in this devotional. And is that not the problem? We have no grasp of the damaging effects of sin. And justly so as our doctrine of atonement is based upon something that can be remedied with a stroll down the carpet and a dip in the baptistry.

May God bless you richly this week…


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