Super Bowl XLI, Lame commercials, and other goodies…

Wow how about those Superbowl commercials? Not as good in my opinion as years past. Most were explicit sexual innuendos and at least two about suicide for different reasons. The idea that a person can obsess about something to the point that they commit suicide is nothing new. Perfection is something that many try to attain but Christ is the only one who achieved it in this life. I have known a lot of people–many of them ministers–who drive themselves in such a fashion. They cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ and tithe their mint and cumin but still preach a gospel of works. When will we realize that its all about what God does and that we have nothing at all to do except obey? Thats a hard one for any Baptist to swallow, though as I’ve observed in the past. We love do Go and Do and Reap and Sow but we don’t like to wait and see and know and be.

At least the Sprint commercial was a creative spin on all those ED ads we have to endure these days–even during the evening news. The news used to be prime family time but I am afraid that its slipping away. Its not MUCH different than it was before but you have to have a quick hand on the remote unless you want to explain to your kids “whats erectile dysfunction daddy?”

We had a nice family time in spite of it as the older kids lost interest once their snack were finished. There were a few interuptions during which I found myself wondering “Aw man, why couldn’t they wait until the game started back up?” That didn’t last long though. It was a pretty good game.


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