There’s two “me’s” in meme…

Now that I’ve done my first meme and passed it on I wonder if they’re a good idea. Nathan A. Finn recently did one and didn’t pass it on, likening it to a chain-letter. I had mixed feelings as I had never done one but I wonder if they are an imposition. I’ve seen the things as long as a hundred questions…who has time for that? There seems to be an obligation attached to the things. You feel a little guilty if you don’t pass them on to someone else. Technorati tells me that there are 445,069 hits from blogs when I search for the word ‘meme’. Somehow I don’t think many of those are talking about someone’s grandma.

My other thought is that the one sending the thing gets more out of it that the one doing it. Three links out and three links in plus other ‘traffic’. There are, after all, two me’s in meme…


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