Unbound trickled past 2000 hits this past weekend. It took half as long to get to 2000 as it did to get to 1000 (I’m sure there’s some math whiz out there who can figure out just how exponential that is.) But anyway I think its been a great three months.

I really started this as sort of a cathartic exercise. I was–and still am–very disturbed by some of the trends I see in the Southern Baptist Convention. Something is different, I hope, though because I don’t think you can actually change anything with a well placed diatribe here and there and many more rancorous comments on other blogs and websites which are really only aimed at ‘driving traffic to your site.’ The only thing that can work any change in the Church is the Word of God. And that is probably the most delightful thing about blogging–it has driven me back to studying the Bible. For that I am grateful because I have always loved studying the Word of God but I haven’t always been all that disciplined about it.

The second most delightful thing is when I encounter other people on the web. I always enjoy reading other blogs and their comments even if they are diametrically opposed to what I have written on my own. I could get all misty and quote a few bible passages here I suppose but that would do an end run around what I am trying to say.

So keep reading and keep commenting and I’ll keep trying to write solid biblical posts.


One response to “Unbound

  1. I look forward to being a part of your next thousand hits.

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