Why bother?

I wanted to continue with my study of Mark 10 today, but my first post dealing with divorce and its cause—hardness of heart—has left me with some issues of my own to deal with. It appears that God’s Word, as it always does, is working on to conform me to it—which is as it should be. While my purpose here isn’t to write a thesis on the characteristics of God’s word or its perspicuity (I love that word) I think its important to note that Gods word should change you when you read it and not the other way around. The concept of coming to the Bible and evaluating it in the same fashion as you would Huckleberry Finn or Stranger in a Strange Land is ludicrous. It’s possible to perform those literary gymnastics with Twain and Heinlein I propose that the author of the Bible is quite a bit more difficult to figure out. Can one apply literary standards to the written words of a Holy God? As a reader one must. As a Christian one must be careful. God revealed to man—or rather as much as he can stand—is not the same as Valentine Michael Smith revealed as a SciFi character. To bend the Word even a little to subject it to our own standards is foolhardy as best.

So as the Word does it has bent some of my suppositions and left me in awe of God’s power to change those He calls his own. How, I have to ask myself, have my prayers—weak and pitiful though they are, caused me to draw nearer to God rather than push me further away? Why is it that I pray and go unanswered but still insist that this great God and creator of all things is real? Rather, why do I bother when it seems to do no good?

Unless you suspect me of being bitter about this let me just say up front that I’m not. And that’s not even the comic’s ‘I’m not bitter!’ when it’s plain that he is. Akin to the weeping toddlers ‘I’m not tired’ wailed in a pool of tears and drool and eye-rubs. No it’s the serious I’m not bitter because I think I am beginning to understand some of it, so I rejoice that God sees fit to reveal some of Himself to His children by His Word.


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