Catch of the Day

Lots to read and see today…and here I thought I’d dropped the net on the wrong side of the boat…

Dr. Mohler talks about the generation gap in religion. I can really identify with this one.

Bowden McElroy writes about planned spontaneity. Just read it, its worth it.

Challies live blogs John MacArthur’s incendiary eschatology.

Pulpit backs him up.

I haven’t really studied it that much, I suspect I’m due.

Dan Phillips talks good sense at Pyromaniacs, of course its not depressing to think about death…we’re already dead! (That’ll make a dandy post some day.)

This fellow writes about being attacked spiritually (something we can all understand) and asks for prayer. Hey we all need some of that.

The Fide-o blog responds to MacArthur’s talk with this post. Thats using your noodle.

I thought this was a good article about whether or not women should serve in the ministry, what do you think?


One response to “Catch of the Day

  1. Josh,

    As you are one of the few who supports what we call ‘speed-linking’, I was wondering if you will support the need to do this as I have outlined today on my blog –

    Let’s spread the truth of God!

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