Unbound: Search Q’s

One of the things I try to make a habit of doing is to pay attention to the searches that bring folks in to view Unbound. I like to try to view the searches and then try to answer any that are obvious questions that need to be answered. For example:

I’ve gotten a bunch of hits on just the word bondage. It occurs to me that not all of these searches are for good Martin Luther quotes but that’s my header and I’m sticking with it. I got one today for walk of wife. I think its pwobabwy a Pwincess Bwide wefwence but I’m not sure.

Here is an important one that I may devote an entire post to at some point devotional going deep into the bible. I highly recommend going as deeply into the bible as possible but I’d also like to point out that unless you’ve truly been converted and know Christ as your Savior and Lord that its never going to be more than a really old book for you. I get hits all the time now for verses I’ve done in Mark 9 and 10. My prayer is that some of these folks are getting some good out of it especially whoever looked up mark 10:17-22+bible study for youth. There’s a good word in there for youth.

“1In the beginning was the Word, and the” is the opening to the Gospel of John. I’m not sure what devotion the way God would do it means. God’s greatest show of devotion to us was sending Christ. Do that for someone else—send Christ I mean, through your actions and your life—and you’ll have a pretty good grip on what that’s like. My favorite so far is how do you blinds man bluff. I always liked that game but it’s probably illegal in some schools.

unbound wow popped up yesterday and I’m thinking the same thing. Wow. That’s either “Wow this is great!” or “Wow, I’m sorry I clicked that link!”

“Romans” “commercial” “Sprint” came up as one search term and seriously hope its not a telecommunications add using the Book of Romans but I wouldn’t really be surprised about anything I saw on TV.

How to prepare notes for devotion
This is the one that most caught my eye. My assumption is that this person is getting ready to speak or teach. Probably the most important thing a person can do is prepare spiritually. First, pray. That’s really the most important step. Confess your sin and ask for forgiveness and cleansing so that you can really be used by God to teach his Word. Second, submit yourself to that Word. God’s Word is what it is—you can’t possibly hope to teach the truth if you’re trying to force the word into your own belief box. It doesn’t work that way. The Word of God should change us, not the other way around. But so many try to use the Word to prove something they believe it says instead of just reading and teaching it. Third, study hard. Study for all your worth. Because there is no more important task than preaching and teaching the Word of God.


3 responses to “Unbound: Search Q’s

  1. The last part of your post really caught my attention as God transitions me into this new stage of my life. I took your advice to heart my friend, and agree completely.

    Thanks for a great site.

  2. You’re welcome. Transitions are tough especially the kind we have to label with ‘new stage of life’. When I find myself standing in those uncomfortable places the only thing that keeps me sane is God’s Word. When I don’t cling to God’s Word…I’d rather not talk about it.

  3. Yeah, I am frequently amused when I see how people surf in to my blog. Interesting to say the least!

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