Catch of the Day

Good fishing this week and I’ll tell you what, I’ve enjoyed reading these beauties.

Al gets it. See? I wasn’t just ranting about children’s church…

An excellent post from the DG blog about lust.

Jeremy at Doxoblogy talks about homosexuality
Nathan Finn, again, lays it out so even Josh can understand it. (That takes some doing.)

Whoa! Dad’s Matter!
An example and a warning about what happens when the Sovereignty of God collides with the charismatism of Blackaby. Open mouth, insert keyboard.


2 responses to “Catch of the Day

  1. Josh,

    It would be interesting to think through current social trends in parenting and how they impact the willingness of parents to keep their kids in with them in worship. One can “delegate” almost anything now. Where I live you can take your kids to places so they can “cook with adults” (that happens in my kitchen regularly) and there is even one service that will “potty train” your kids for you.


    I think lots of parents simply don’t want to be bothered with their kids during worship. They don’t think it can be done. Let me tell you, if my 5 kids (ages 11 and under) can learn to behave, anyone can.


  2. Yeah I’m a little appalled at some of the looks I get when my crew fills a pew in the worship service. The folks around us get that look that says, “Man, we should have sit down over THERE”. I love it.

    But I believe in disciplining children in the way they should go. Not a popular belief these days.

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