Joshs In The Church

Let me just say first that I have been on an unofficial Baptist Blog fast since the end of January. I was a little careworn because I’d been keeping up with several of the Baptiblogs and it was a little like watching Fight Club, only with more Bible references and less secrecy. I’m still a little confused as to why I decided to break my fast. One reason is because someone commented on Unbound and I wanted to see their blog and, secondly, There Was Some Interesting Stuff, I must admit.

But it seems that I’ve been drawn into a bit of a street fight with some of my brethren and sist-ren who want to impose their definition of How God Speaks on others—even to the point of making it a requirement for salvation. (Just now, I was tempted to write the infamous and rarely reliable ‘This Will Be My Last Post’ on this topic, but we know better. [Insert eyeroll here] The last time this happened Dr. Brad Reynolds called me disingenuous and I had to look it up. I’m still not sure what he meant.)

So now I’m not only disingenuous, I’m a false teacher who is just possibly the root of all evil in the church. Joshs’, you see, in the church.

Frankly this is my first experience with this sort of prejudice. Well second, actually I once had a truck load of African-American youths drive by and throw eggs at me and call me ‘whitey’.

This felt about the same. I think it’s time to get back on the wagon.


5 responses to “Joshs In The Church

  1. Josh, I have no idea what you are talking about here. I am the author of those posts and the writer of some comments in response to yours. I was just one of several people to comment.

    There is no one, including me, in that post or comments who is trying to impose anything. The whole post began with the notion that it was a thinking out loud post. One of the main points is that it is a very personal walk of faith that each of us have with the Father. Additionally, you are probably the only one who considered any of that very civil discussion a street fight. You also are the only one who characterized yourself as a false teacher.

    I don’t understand at all. Where in the world are you coming from and why are you completely mischaracterizing what was written and said there? I did ask you whether you questioned my faith because I believe that God still speaks to the individual believer today, but I never challenged your faith.

  2. OK, you had a comment in my moderation queue and now this post makes more sense. YOu were picking out one thing that one commenter said. I dont’ believe they meant it personally, but it would have hurt me if it had been said about me. I now see that that comment stung, and I will talk to that commenter because I understand this post and why it must have hurt you. I would have been hurt by the comment.

  3. Josh, I’m very sorry if I offended you.

    Let me set the record straight on exactly what I meant and did not mean. I never accused you of being a false teacher, and certainly not the root of all evil in the church. I didn’t say this, or infer this.
    My reference to ‘a lot of people who think like you’ meant- a lot of people who believe exactly as you expressed. That the written word is all that is needed. Any personal encounter with God in the form of the Holy Spirit is suspect.

    This comment from you-“But there’s a difference between obeying the Word of God and living what it says and claiming that you get personal guidance from God outside of reading his Word.”
    This is the ONLY thing I was referring to-I disagree with this and believe that a lot of people in our churches agree with you.
    That and that alone-is what I was referencing.

    There are also in our churches a lot of people like me-who believe that we can anticipate a personal encounter and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

    I did not mean this personally. You made the comment-I addressed the comment by using your name, my mistake and I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me for I didn’t intend to hurt you.

  4. All is of course forgiven between me and you Alyce and Bryan. No hard feelings and all that.

    I think this has shown me first hand, though, the dangers of this form of delayed debate that takes place in the comment section of blogs.

    Lets all try to keep this in mind in the future and guard our tongues a little more closely.

  5. Thank you, Josh. Off to continue cleaning my garage. Meanwhile, may God continue to clean out our internal garages and where we store all our junk…

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