Catch of the day…

That irregular feature where I share what I’ve caught while ‘fishin’ the net…

Dr. Mohler comments on America’s Congressional Atheist.

Challies posts a disturbing picture and poses a difficult question.

The DG blog weighs in on the cessationist/continuation gizmo here and then attempts to clear it up here.

Kevin at This Bread Always does too.

But Centuri0n nails it.

Danny Akin’s Eight essentials on the Founders Blog with some other good links in the comments too.

The Head of the Moor reveals the Pyromaniacs as ‘criminals‘ at least to the folks at Dallas Theological Seminary…and manages to spark an interesting discussion about Spurgeon and Darby in the process.

Nathan A. Finn skillfully uses the word imbroglio and gives a really good history lesson too…

Worship Matters has a great post up about using the psalms in worship and goes a long way toward explaining the regulative principle. This is a concept I’ve tossed into storage along with ‘missional’–until recently unexplained and doesn’t apply to me. Things change…

3 responses to “Catch of the day…

  1. Funny how Frank claims to be so busy and writes two outstanding pieces in relatively short time on the cessationist/non-cessationist issue. Where does he find the time??!

  2. Nice links! I will have to show your blog to my husband. (And I will add it to my bloglines too!) Now you will have 3 women readers! ) I read your comment at Leslie’s blog!

  3. Thanks Jenn and glad you stopped by. Leslie is one of the few who have responded my plea for help. And she did a great job too.

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