I discovered last night that there really was a day when giants walked the earth. I’m not talking about that pesty Bible passage about Nephilim. Nor and I speaking about the fiery rhetoric of Paul or Luther. Spurgeon isn’t the topic of this post.

Let me ‘splain.

Last night we were having a post-supper (that’s the ‘evening meal’ if you’re too far north) sit in the living room and stumbled across ‘Singing in the Rain’ with Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds. We watched for a few minutes because the movie was just about to the rain scene. We left it on because the kids were transfixed. And it was quiet—a rare commodity.

Honestly, I don’t keep up with the actors in Hollywood that much. They seem to be a drab lot more interested in themselves than anyone else (which is why I don’t take it seriously when they do something like this Jesus Tomb deal.)

But can you see anyone else in Hollywood dancing like that? Or singing?

Or take anyone from this era of entertainment in general and line them up side by side with the greats from that era.

Or in theology for that matter.

Just a few thoughts for the morning, why is it that the giants of the past cast such long shadows when these pitiful, translucent midgets of today can barely block out time for a yoga class?


2 responses to “Unbound

  1. Josh,
    I have been thinking about how our “celebrity culture” is positively consuming all else in the U.S. People are no longer esteemed because they can do something well, or have a good mind, or do good things. It is enough to be beautiful, and outrageous. I was wondering this morning if the world will just continue to be more and more superficial and shallow until Jesus returns. It is just like the Evil One to attempt to deceive us into glorifying the “outside”. The Messiah once remarked on the phenomenon. He called the celebrities of his day (the Pharisees) “white washed tombs.”

  2. I’m writing about this right now so I’m going to boot it up front. Great comment Sherri.

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