Catch of the Day…

A fairly regular series where I share the things I ‘caught’ while fishing the net…

Dr. Mohler talks about Jimmy Carter’s revised Gospel (version 2.2)

Jenn at only by grace stopped by and had a great evangelism quote posted up on her blog when I followed the link.

Joe Thorn’s two recent and very helpful posts on family worship. One Two

Here’s a church-hopping segment by a self-proclaimed athiest that I thought was a pretty good read.

Hard Truth/Soft Perspective
Melanie from Motherhood Apologia writes a candid and well thought out post about infant salvation and has some great links too.

Leslie at Lux Venit writes about her own struggles with children and election.


2 responses to “Catch of the Day…

  1. Hey Josh. Here’s another good read. My friend Kim ( wrote a great post today. My husband (brian) also wrote a great comment in the comment section (I am a little biased when it comes to what he has to say). Check it out when you have a chance.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jenn. I’ll get over there as soon as I can.

    Edit: It WAS a great post and a great comment.

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