Catch of the Day…

Spring is here and I am thinking of going fishing but I can’t. So I fish the net…

An excellent post by Joe Thorn about what to do when Christians we admire fall into sin.

A book recommendation by Centuri0n.

Challies talks about baseball the way some talk about fishing.

A great post by Brent at colossiansthreesixteen about Jimmy Carter’s Christianity that isn’t.

Feed your inner greek-geek.

Somre really good articles about Southern Baptist Associations. One, Two, Buckle my shoe

More about Californians trying to make sure they stay way out on the edge of corrupt culture.

News stories that caught my eye

Sculpture of Obama As Jesus Causes Stir–If it didn’t I’d be worried.

Oh, this was too good to pass up

See? there’s hope for you too!


This is ridiculous.

A little racy but hilariously funny.

One of the few news stories on this site where no one dies, but they are made to be a little uncomfortable.


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