Hope is something that pops up unexpectedly. It’s a comfort the Lord gives you, a assurance that you are not, in fact, alone in your troubles. It’s a flower you find in a mine-field or diamond in a land fill. Once, in Arizona, I found an apache tear as big as a golf ball because I just happened to be looking in the right spot. Sometimes we don’t. Look in the right spot I mean because we’re so busy looking in the mirror going, “Man, I look good.” So God does something dramatic, something so tangential to what you are focused on that everything shifts. Everything requires your attention. And then right when you’re at that spot where you are absolutely certain that everything is going to crash in on your head, you get a little hope.

A lot of times that’s all we need. A little hope can change everything.

I’ve had a couple of dramatic things happen recently that can only be explained by the power and grace of God at work in my life. The first it that, in spite of my cynicism, I have found a pastor in my area who’s outlook is decidedly reformed. And let me tell you that’s a rare thing this far afield. I’m not sure what was the greater shock, that he has this view of God or that we visit some of the same sites on the web. The other is personal so I’m not sharing it but I would covet your prayers. (For the girls who read, no it has nothing to do with the Hard Truth/Soft Perspective thing—not much anyway.)

Sherri over at everyday miracle made this point in a spectacular fashion this week in…well most of her posts seem to be like that. I had another big post about the SBC planned and some quotes and things but I’m not going to write it. Sometimes its better to sit and hope and pray than it is to run and do and be busy. And when God has you pinned down in THAT spot, you know—I hope you know—where he has your attention in THAT fashion then you must sit still and you must pray. I hope he doesn’t have to do that to you. I hope you will just be still and pray and know him for who he is.

‘Cause trust me, drama ain’t all its cracked up to be.

May the Lord bless you richly in Christ.


3 responses to “Hope

  1. Thank you, Josh.

    Oh, and I keep meaning to clarify to you that I was a Baptist but not a Southern Baptist. I was an even more “rigid” version: Free Will Baptist.


  2. Wow. Rigid is a good word for it. I knew some Pentacostals once who were a little more bound up that the Free Willers in our town but not much.

    Praise the Lord that is a ‘used to be’.

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