Top Ten

Things I like about being a stay at home Dad.

Hey, do you get to work in your pajamas? I didn’t think so.

I KNOW where the snacks are.

YES you CAN grill a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Vacuuming is great exercise.

It saves a lot of time by not having to nag myself.

Two words: Nap Time

I never have to ask someone to move furniture for me.

I don’t have to worry about my spouse sitting on the couch watching the news while I clean the kitchen.

I can gripe about the lawn not getting mowed and just take care of it right away.

My kitchen knives are always sharp.

Who says you can’t use a Shop Vac in the house?

Quantity time with the kids.

I’ve never met a jar I couldn’t open or a door I couldn’t shut.

I can squish my own spiders thank you very much.

I never have to ask “Whats for dinner?”


10 responses to “Top Ten

  1. That’s great!! I have tried a few times to ‘help’ my husband with the lawn and surprise him so he’d have more time with the kids when he got home – well, let’s just say … I am wiser now!

  2. Two words: Nap Time

    Bubba…you’re killin’ me… 🙂

  3. and when they get older and no longer nap… two more words : “quiet time” (also known as “go get a book and do not speak to me for at least an hour if you know what is good for you” time)


    ps: Your knickname is “Bubba” and you have the nerve to make hillbilly jokes about me living in Tennessee? That’s what I’m gonna call you from this moment on….”Bubba”.

  4. Jenn I tried that once with the laundry with similar results.

    Sherri, when you’re a Texan ‘Bubba’ is a term of endearment similar to ‘brother’ in more civilized countries. I realize there is a language barrier and all but come on. Truly, though, Franklin is so much larger than the closest town to us that it doesn’t even really qualify for ‘hillbilly’ status anymore. Around here its not Chevy trucks–you know, most of the time–its tractors.

    Kevin, kudos for not picking up the lawn mowing theme and running with it.

  5. Sherri,

    In fairness to Josh, that’s a nickname that has been forced on him by a Texan…I’m not quite sure that he accepts it willingly… 😉


    Yeah…I thought I’d leave that one alone, clip it in the bud, bag it… well, you get the picture … 😀

  6. There have been a lot of famous bubba’s but most of there ‘wernt tu bryte.’ I knew a gal once who would go on and on about the idoiocy of her husband but would then say, in an endearing tone of voice, “I guess I married me a bubba.”

  7. When I first moved to East Texas, I was frequently called, “Bubba.” I would turn around, thinking they were talking to someone else… 😀

  8. I remember doing something a store clerk thought out of character for a local resident once and hearing these words come out of her mouth: “You ain’t from here are you?” [eyeroll]

  9. …Here’s yer sign…

  10. No, no: Git ‘er dun!

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