This one’s a little ify…

It’s PG13ish but necessary so I’ll warn you and you can be a grown up and not read it if you don’t want to do so.

I mean it. Last warning.

One of the things I really like about WordPress is the spam filter. Akismet is fabulous. I haven’t had one single spam post get through in the last six months or so of posting. It’s been catching several hundred a week and that in itself would turn me off of blogging. What is so frustrating is that I am trying to write a Christian blog. I post Bible studies and links to theology posts and things like that for crying out loud. But nine point nine tenths of the spam I see when I do look through the caught spam folder either porn links or ads and links for prescription erectile dysfunction meds.

Please. This REALLY angers me, though I know it’s just the world doing what the world does with anything. It takes it and twists it into something awful. It can make most things into something that not only defiles but helps create new ways to defile men made by God to glorify Him. It’s as if they hadn’t already made sex into something unrecognizable they have to wallow in it as well…even the word of God.

I shouldn’t be surprised. The church is so delusional and wanting for spiritual things that there are groups who call themselves Christians who have ordained gay men to preach and women to do the same. I know its just God’s word being shown true, because it says that these things happen and that men do these things but I sure don’t have to like it.

And while this is not really news, it is personal. My life was greatly affected by this society’s slide through the various stages of moral decay as was my family. Roe v Wade was supposed to be the rock bottom but I think it was probably just a ledge on the way down—staggering if you think about its consequences. The open immorality of the sixties was bad enough and well documented enough that we could reconstruct part of what happened. Many have done so many more probably will.

If I look back through my life I realize that the idea of marriage as something instituted by God wasn’t even on my radar until the nineties. Relationships worked like this in my little world: You’d cruise for chicks in bars until you found one who was willing to be seduced then, if it worked out, you’d ask her to live with you and ‘try it out for a while.’ Then, if that worked, you might or might not get married. I mean hey, why ruin a good thing? Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

In Junior High, I lived with my Dad. It was great at the time because I got to do all sorts of things the other kids in school only thought about doing none of which I will detail here. This is, after all, a Christian blog. Lets just say I learned a great deal at this time in my life and if nothing else it can stand on its own as a startling testimony to the fact that God is truly the one who chooses who comes to him because, frankly, there was very little in my life at that time that could lead me to Christ. I did get to spend a great deal of time with my Dad, time which I recall fondly to this day. However, I remember talking with him and listening when he didn’t think I was listening. (And believe me if you’ve got kids, they’re always listening to your every word and deed.) And there are some things that kids just don’t need to know.

We used to eat down at this little restaurant on the corner. I was popular in our town because the owner had this great humongous smoker built onto the back of it which produced the best barbecue for miles around. We always sat at his table with the other men and they would discuss the things men talk about, most notably, women—a topic that held great interest for me. It never bothered me, teenage boy that I was, that these men talked about women as if were a prize or a dainty treat that you could just gobble up and leave the bones. They bragged about all the ones they’d left behind. I gathered that women were really just something like a game. You could ‘score’ with a girl or ‘strike out’ and many other less publishable euphemisms.

So now we live in a day when men are surprised that women are not interested in being a prize anymore and will choose to take care of their own needs first. They decide on career rather than home, on independence rather than marriage and for those who can’t stifle the desire to have children there is always in vitro fertilization. Men are so unreliable any way, why bother? Just take a look at most of the commercials and shows on TV these days where men are pictured as moronic caricatures. Bothersome relics of the past at best…and though a man can pretend that they are wrong. I know a great many more men who go to church who are more interested in their cars, their bass boats, or their [insert hobby here] than in the day to day raising of children and caring for their family. Sure they bring home a check…but that’s all.

Is there a way to fix this problem?

Sure. The Word of God can do it. The word of God can change the lives of these broken men—if they will come.

The Word of God is not bound…are you?

This post really resonated with me today as I was writing this.


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