OK. I was talking about the word ‘missional’ on Doxoblogy the other day and I made a post with some good links . Really good links that describe this concept are hard to find but the ones I posted really helped me, personally, with the idea.

It bothers me that some of the folks that showed up merely made drive-by comments or took pot shots at the emergents—not that they don’t deserve it but the ones who did it act as if ‘missional’ and ‘emergent’ is just another way of saying ‘Driscoll’ or ‘Bell’ or whatever. I don’t agree with most of what some of these guys espouse but I think its important that we apply some thought to it before we ‘give ‘er a broadside’. And I know there are a lot of folks younger than me who think along these lines. My hope is that they remain lines of thought and not fault lines in the Convention itself.

Another thing that bothers me is that some of these folks ought to know better. Granted they are probably numbered among the TR crew or ‘truly reformed’—whatever that means. But I also think that these ideas bear some thought and are not too far distant from the ideas that began the reformation in the first place. Aren’t you happy? I didn’t even mention the SBC…oops.


2 responses to “Missional

  1. I still contend

    missional is a function of all churches

    emerging/emergent is all about form

  2. I think I agree with that mostly but I haven’t seen anyone put it quite like that.

    I’d like to think that the concept of being missional as I read it in Stetzer’s paper is a mature form of the recent practice of SBC missions. I’m not sure, but thats how it looks from the cheap seats.

    As for the whole emerging/emergent thing… most of that crew isn’t even willing to define themselves or take up sure definitions for what they believe which is troubling. As I’ve studied this even I have seen a big difference between the emergents and the ones who plant feet in the pulpit and preach the gospel. The gospel is a hard divisive thing which calls for a clear understanding of a few basic principles. These emergent guys won’t even admit that clarity exists.

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