Be vewy quiet…I’m ‘unting Wabbits!

Sherri over at everyday miracle seems to be having trouble with bunnies in the pea patch she has planted for her children so while I was ruminating over that I wrote a reply in the meta that was way too long so I’m putting it up here. Feel free to add suggestions to the following mostly ridiculous ideas for shooing bunnies.

We’ve already addressed the idea of lion doo. I’ve heard lying a garden hose around the edge of the garden will keep out the snakes because they don’t like crawling over them but I think bunnies are smarter than that. There are an endless number of ways you can trap or discourage rabbits. You can even build you own. I found plans for making simplistic rabbit traps out of aluminum soda cans but they were well salted with profanity so I won’t post but still…who knew?

You could just get one (some) of those little yappy dogs. A Daschund (did I spell that right?) or one of those little rat terriers. There is a ‘pack’ of little Daschund mix doggies down the road from us (four or five and one poodle. Go figure.) I am endlessly entertained by their squirrel ‘hunting’.

Here is an article about rabbit hunting in Ohio that describes the first hunt of a young girl. You’ve got the girls Sherri all you need is a pack of dogs and a ‘single shot 4-10). I found this article which shows some men who seem to have achieved the desired effect. A big pile of dead bunnies. They did it with shotguns and a pack of hunting dogs. I think there’s a ceiling on how effective this would be though. If you had four or five dogs they would scare off the rabbits–and the cats and the grass and probably the peas too. Something less than the desired effect. Of course it doesn’t always work like we think it will. I found this article that talks about dogs and rabbits living together peacefully (for some reason I’m thinking of Romans chapter 1 and 2 at this point.) but it comes with a warning: “Caution: Coyote-dog mixes and wolf-dog mixes should NEVER be allowed to live with a rabbit, supervised or not.” There’s a shocker for you.

Which reminds me–a big nasty tom cat would probably do it too. Keep him outside and make him live behind the shed or something–like you can make a cat do anything–so he’ll be mean. Haven’t you ever read Peter Rabbit? All you need to do is make sure the cat sits on a basket where the bunnies are hiding and their father will come and whip them out of your garden in about four hours. Or just rent Mister MacGregor and his hoe…of course Mrs. MacGregor comes with him and you’ll probably get sick of rabbit pie at some point.

I looked at Gardener’s Supply and did a search for ‘rabbit‘. I was particularly interested in the rabbit repellant, the garlic clips, and the noah’s ark advent. I’m not sure how that last one fits in with the whole ‘Shoo Bunny’ thing but you reach a point where you’ll try anything. I can’t find a link for land mines….

Short of buying a 4-10 shotgun and a ‘brace’ of beagles I’m not sure what else to do. Unless…

You might try a bait crop like lettuce or carrots or other rabbity type munchies. It’d take a little work but a nifty little garden fence (with rabbit wire buried about a foot under it) might make it tough to get into the peas. Then you could plant your bunny patch down the hill or by the back fence or somewhere. Somewhere downrange…

…and then while they’re eating you can blast them.


8 responses to “Be vewy quiet…I’m ‘unting Wabbits!

  1. See, this is why you are my friend. What an absolutely lovely post you have created on my behalf. I especially love the shot of the pile of dead bunnies.

    I have actually purchased some very expensive stuff from Garden’s Supply that is supposed to be a powder made from fox urine. It did not work. Nor did the garlic spikes.

    Sometimes, it seems blood meal deters them but I am not sure if that is okay for peas….

    My favorite suggestion was the mean tom-cat out behind the shed. What a picture.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud. I needed it today. 🙂


  2. Oh, BTW, did you see that awesome contraption for growing tomatoes upside down (in Gardners’ Supply)? I am going to order that bad boy.


  3. I like that and the tube thing for growing strawberries. Very cool. The grow boxes are supposed to be very effective too, though I’ve never tried them.

  4. Great Googly Moogly! What kind of website IS this?! I’ll be thinking twice before coming back!

    We rabbits ARE friendly little things, you know. 🙂

  5. No, no…WABBITS not rabbits. We are talking about WASCALLY sweet pea eating WABBITS not the kind you find in a Hutch. Hutch Rabbits are perfectly safe.

  6. Phew! Um, got any carrots?

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