Catch of the Day…

Gone Fishin’…that delightful series where I share some of the things that caught my eye as I was fishing the net…

The last installment of Kevin Rhyne’s Freedom series is not to be missed.

Dan Phillips posts a link to a great post about anniversaries which is to be taken, from this perspective, as a counter point to my own cynicism from yesterday.

Joe Thorn begins a series on ‘What to Watch’. Pass the popcorn, I was waiting for that one…

Centuri0n posted this link and I have been laughing every since…well, more than usual.

Brent over at collosiansthreesixteen posts this excellent piece about pastors.

Tom Ascol and a few others discuss the decline in baptism numbers in the SBC.

Nathan A. Finn discusses Denominational Idolotry. Hmmm…I’m seeing a theme here…


One response to “Catch of the Day…

  1. Josh,

    The world will never be the same my friend: we share a sense of humor.

    P-p-p-poor piglet.


    Oh, BTW, the hawk I was promised to hunt the bunnies for my kids entertainment (and the sake of my garden) is molting and can’t come. However, the guy wants to live trap the critters and release them on his land so that his bird has something to hunt later. So, I still win but it is less dramatic.


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