A Carat for Rabbit…

I was driving down the road today and I saw a serpentine belt lying in the middle of the street. You think you had a rough commute. No rabbits to speak of, but a friend of mine hit a large animal and busted her windshield out this week. I know a dear girl who is in the last stages of treatment for Leukemia. (I don’t know how she does it what with the MS and all….) There were at least two boys in my ‘grade’ at school who fought that battle and lost. And when those things happen far away or when we see them happen first hand we are grateful that they haven’t happened to us. We might even feel a little guilty about it but we are so grateful. And when they happen to us and we stand up under the weight of it we praise God for holding us up. But when the hurricanes hit and the tsunamis come out of nowhere and hit these nations that are largely something else—non-Christian nations, you know, like America—where is their comfort? Where is the hope in random circumstance?

I know that when anything happens good or bad that the Father is there and His Spirit is there to pull me through. He has done so on many occasions. I know these things are true because the Word tells me and I believe it. I know that I am secure in the Father’s hand. That he holds those who are his and counts them as his children. We are not wild things, we are tame, we are under authority, we are submitted to the one true God and we are not ashamed to be called by his name.

But what about those others? Those ‘wild’ rabbits? Constantly they are in danger of being gobbled up by this world and all its enticements. Always the threat of death looms over their heads. Death is their constant companion. Whether by hawk, gun, or semi truck—death is always near. But still they dabble in the pea patch. Like Peter Rabbit they must go to the MacGregor garden to nibble on the French beans and browse through the lettuces. Even if they lose all they have even if they know it’s a danger, they still go. They have no choice.

Thank God for his mercy and his protection. Thank God for the rabbit wire of his Word that keeps us hemmed in on all sides and safe and secure. And for all those gloriously true and safe rabbit pellets…

Romans 8 anyone?

Well, you get the idea. This might be corny but its true.

The word of God is not bound…are you?


6 responses to “A Carat for Rabbit…

  1. Gratefully bound by borders of His truth.

    You’re punny. 🙂

  2. Wow, Josh.

    I had no idea where the rabbit thing would lead.

    Or that there are rabbits who blog….


  3. Amen Rabbit.

    Hey Sherri you know they’ll let anyone have a blog these days–heck if I got one….

    Yeah I was thinking about the difference between those poor wild bunnies and the many ways we discussed to disembowl them and Rabbit’s comment too and they just sort of collided. I think I was shoveling manure in the garden at the time so go figure.

  4. Well, you konw you are one of my favorite people.

    Do ya wanna see pictures of MY strawberry bins?


  5. Are they fenced? I don’t know if bunnies eat berries or not…

  6. yes! rabbits eat strawberries. it’s actually really good for them if their tummies are upset. 🙂

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