Catch of the Day…

This time my delightful Catch of the Day is a little short as I ran out of hooks before I ran out of blogs.

A link I found while attempting to find an old post on the Founders blog where I refute a cynical comment I made. Having optimistically purchased two copies of ‘By His Grace and For His Glory’ I then cynically replied that I would give one away if ‘I ever met a pastor in this part of the world who was interested.’ I did. Glory. So I then read ‘Have we lost the gospel?‘ by Tom Ascol and wondered again if he was right.

On a lighter, thinner note: A paper wallet.

The article on lay ministry. Read it.

Click on the warning tab on this blog–who showed up in my referrers–for a great diatribe about reading at your own risk.


5 responses to “Catch of the Day…

  1. Very cool on meeting a pastor interested in Nettles’ book in this part of the world. What’s the story there?

  2. Kevin, that is a long story that I might try to post sometime. I don’t know when though because some of it’s still working out.

    Hey is that Paticular Pete?

  3. Shhh I’m not quite ready to let everyone know I’m still alive. :^{)

  4. Your secret’s safe with me…well, and like a billion other people who could stop by and read this blog.

    Glad to hear about that whole ‘alive’ thing though.

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