Just a quick note of thanks to all my readers. Unbound sort of trudged by 5000 hits this week. Of course 1000 of them were spam comments that the WordPress spam filter caught but hey, maybe they stopped long enough to catch a bit of the gospel. Who knows?

Anyway, I appreciate all those who drop by and read and especially those who comment.

Lately I’ve had a lot of hits about rabbits, hunting rabbits, and even one person who was looking for a way to make rabbit traps out of aluminum cans. Sorry about not having those plans up. Someone was looking for a disease you can get from eating rabbit. ‘Tularemia’ is a blood-parasite infection you can get from eating poorly cooked rabbit shot out of season (in the summer). Nasty stuff that.

And for some reason I got a hit on ‘dogs rabbits living together’ which I mentioned in a humorous tone in the rabbit slayer post. Somehow I didn’t think that was as hot topic…

3 responses to “U5K

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for giving us many great reads! (New baby came this past week!)

  2. I sit in awe of your knowledge on all things rabbit…it truly is amazing.

    Congrats on the marker! Keep on bloggin’.

  3. Jenn

    Congratulations? This is a high honor indeed from someone who’s just had a baby. Congratulations yourself! Wow.

    Kevin, some of us were born with red necks others of us got them as fast as we could…

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