Catch of the Day: Blogroll

Gunny, You’ve been caught! For this piece, which made more sense to me than anything else I’ve read about the VT shooting, I’m going to blogroll you. Thanks man and dude, what happened to the Stars anyway?


2 responses to “Catch of the Day: Blogroll

  1. Danke, mein Herr!

    “what happened to the Stars anyway?”

    That’s a great question, but involved. I think the answer is losing
    (a) Brett Hull, whom they brought in to score a/the goal since they were struggling in ’98 to put the puck in the net. Their struggles are such that they can’t get out of the first round. (only once on Tippett’s watch)

    (b) Derrian Hatcher. He was their captain and heart and soul of that defense. They could win 1-0 games back in the day, but got softer after his loss and would try to protect a 1-0 lead starting in the first period. That was folly in his day, but crippling now.

    Turco’s a good goalie, but he’ll never be thought of in the realm of the elite without some playoff success and perhaps a cup. Being a great goalie in the regular season is kind of like winning the MVP in the NBA as your#1 seeded team has the 6th best regular season EVER, but then not doing so much in the first round as your team gets bounced. Not that such a thing would every happen, mind you.

    Go Cowboys!

  2. Sure thing if thats German, but I’m not sure whats the equivalent of ‘Yer Velcom.’

    Let me just say in Turco’s defense that from what I watched, there were several games where he really didn’t have much. Defense I mean. Back in the Cup days some of those bozos would have ended up wobbling their jaws back and forth like that guy Hatcher slammed–or worse. Shall I mention the beautiful Matvichuk elbow? I saw like three really great hits during the whole thing. And that thing with Morrow? They would have cleared the benches over that deal…again, back in the day.

    I don’t know, the game has changed since the lockout. I’m not sure its for the better.

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