Rather than clutter up Joe Thorn’s excellent blog with my nasty comments I’ll just post them here regarding this Snap thing that appeared suddenly a few months ago. I suppose WordPress thinks its a cool widget but I am grateful that someone has allowed a way to shut the thing off. As soon as I figured out how to do it I did.

Snap is annoying. It gets in the way. It makes it practically impossible to copy a link–which appears to be its major feature. I cannot help but think thats why the thing exists anyway, mostly as a marketing tool for someone else. The comments I have read defending it by the folks who made the thing tell me it’s ‘usefulness is subjective’ and, essentially, that there’s been so much traffic that it has to be useful. First, spinning it so it sounds like you’re doing me a favor isn’t going to work, I don’t think. So in a way, you’re right, it probably is useful…just not to me. Second, a jillion involuntary hits don’t count. Counting all the times someone scrolls over a link is, I’m sure, just cool for you, but its an empty number.

What do you all think? Feel free to comment.


4 responses to “Snap

  1. Josh,

    Did you blog disappear for awhile last night? I almost needed a defiblirator. At least it prompted me to print out everything for safety’s sake. I had been needing to do that anyway.


    BTW: I was hunting rabbits yesterday morning with a brick while wearing my bathrobe. Is it any wonder my neighbors are moving?

  2. Unbound didn’t disappear but the first time I had a blog it was before Blogger beta and I ended up nuking that one when I tried to switch over. Fortunately I do most of my writing in Word so I have all my raw posts in a file that I can just back up onto a zip drive or something.

    By the way, my post today Wabbits Weloaded may help you to keep form flashing the neighbors in the future.

  3. Annie git your…brick?

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