Catch of the Day…

Catch of the day…good links without that fishy smell…

Just click through and read it. Man.

Challies writes about a Presbyterian Healing Service. I think they’re the only ones who wouldn’t freak completely out about this and cut a book deal with Zondervan.

Dan Phillips tackles the issue of modesty and womens dress. Tough one that.

This is a great post for praying parents.

The hand that rocks the cradle… this is the plain truth.

I’m still geeking out about this one.


7 responses to “Catch of the Day…

  1. Thank you for the plug on this one Josh, I am honoured!

  2. Josh,

    The robot article was pretty cool. I can understand the desire to keep on geekin’… 😉

  3. Good links today, Josh.

    But about the first one…my brain is a bit rattled by that one.

    Where do you find this stuff?


  4. Sherri that one was an accident. The first site is a counseling site I like to read because Bowden is a Baptist and he rants about some of the things I sometimes do only in a professional and readable fashion and on occasion he posts some excellent marriage tidbits. He linked to the cockroach thing and I was just laughing my tail off over it.

    Some of the stuff I find using Newsgator–which really speeds up the morning blog/news reads. The free web service is fine for me. Sometimes I use Technorati but not as often. A lot of times its just Google and fishing…

  5. Melanie it was a good post. I wish more Christian Moms would realize that. The mormons figured it out a LONG time ago.

    Kevin that thing made me want to bust out the Legos and the Erector sets…again.

  6. Josh,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    If you think reading that rattled your brain, you should try living in my house!

  7. Oh, Bowden…Bowden, Bowden, Bowden…

    I bet my house has yours BEAT.

    check out my post tomorrow…


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