Not Agin

I was watching part of Snow White with my kids yesterday and something caught my attention. Well, actually I was running through the room on my way to change a poopy diaper but that’s beside the point. The Dwarves had just discovered Snow White in their room, and having decided which end to kill, they snuck up on her and prepared to do so. Her beauty stopped them cold and Grumpy, having recognized her as a female, began to hold forth on her ‘wicked wiles’.

“Wicked wiles?” asks Happy, “Whats that?”
“Well…I don’t know” answers Grumpy, “But I’m agin ‘em.”

It made me laugh because I had recently been reading through a series about women [here, here, and here and one other for which I cannot find a link] and biblical limitations on their activities in the church. The Snow White quote above seems to reflect the way most Southern Baptists feel about it. They don’t know, but they’re ‘agin it’. I think its sad, actually, that we’ve reached the point where being a Southern Baptist is more about what ‘yer agin’ than what ‘yer fer.’ In plain, un-countrified English what I am saying it that being a member of a church is more than supporting one issue and not supporting another.


2 responses to “Not Agin

  1. Yeah…those poopy diapers’ll git ya thinkin’…

  2. “being a Southern Baptist is more about what ‘yer agin’ than what ‘yer fer.’ ”

    Sad, but true.

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