Bored Stiff

I found this article about moms who think their kids activities are boring. What do the moms who read Unbound think?


6 responses to “Bored Stiff

  1. I never, ever, ever feel bored.

    Just exhausted.


  2. Josh,

    I saw the title to that article and had to laugh out loud. My wife collapses from exhaustion practically every night. Our three little balls of constant motion keep her anything but bored.

    She wishes for boredom… 😉 But, she tells me she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  3. I read the article by Kirwin-Taylor when it first came out several months ago and was at first appalled. But that is the self-righteous side of me that wants to puff myself up. The truth is some tasks are boring. Folding laundry is boring – but so was the bookkeeping I did before I had kids. I admit I don’t read the same book over and over again to my kids despite repeated requests because well, it gets boring. So I would not condemn a woman who feels that way – I have a log in my own eye that needs plucking out first.
    What brings joy and fullfillment is knowing my work is unto the Lord and not men (children, husband, SELF). Looking at my children and their fresh wonder at creation, that all things are new to them, that they are image bearers of God – this is not boring. But this is true for all of life, unless we view it through the lens of the Gospel most of what we do would be pointless, meaningless, unfullfilling and yes, even boring. It all depends on what I’m focusing on – self or God.

  4. I wish I had time to be bored, but with a newborn … Like the reader above, there will be parts of our ‘job’ that may not be our favorite, but it’s all about my heart. I need to do ‘all things’ for the glory of God … even the mundane tasks like laundry and dishes. (Actually right now, I just need to get to the laundry in between feedings …)

  5. I’m covered up with kid things too and I have to agree with Melanie about the boredom/log-in-my eye thing.

    Writing about that, I found I had another post which I’ll probably put up Monday.

    Thanks folks, for your comments.

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