Idle Words

I don’t even know where to begin. That’s how messed up this is. I’ve written about spending time with my children and how it’s important to get our priorities straight. I’ve written about the Bible and how important it is to submit to its authority. I’ve written about a lot of things. It seems that I spend all my spare time writing or reading what others have written and some times its not ‘spare’ time. It’s time I’ve taken from other things that need to be done. That’s the first thing I’ve got against blogging: if people would begin to act on their faith rather than spend so much time writing about it, things would be much better in this world.

Yeah I know, a great deal is done in the name of Christ on blogs. A great deal is said and done and none of it matters much at the end of the day. Its just a big pile of URL’s and a ranking on Technorati or whatever. Nine tenths of the glory goes to the blogger, whatever little catchy title they have come up with or whatever bible verse they append to their posts.

It’s this need to be read and this need to be ranked or whatever that I think drives a lot of folks. Oh some are doing it because they have something vital to say about the gospel and they do so on a regular basis but they’ve added the blog as a good electronic platform. It’s another extension of their ministry. It’s a means rather than an end.

Two things that I am concerned about: poverty and idle words. The first sneaks up on you it comes upon you like an ‘armed man’ and the thing that gripes me is that we allow it to occur according to Proverbs. It is our own lack of preparation that jumps us when we need to be about the business of the Gospel. Is my blog helping me to prepare? Is it assisting in my studies and helping me in my walk with the Lord? Some can answer yes. I cannot. For me it is an endless stream of idle words all of which we will have to answer for some day. A daily drive to post because of the numbers, not because I have anything significant to share. There are bible references for both of those things but I cannot look them up right now. I’m too busy blogging.

Last year Bobby Welch was reviled in the blogging community because he dared to attack the institution of blogging by saying word to the effect that it wasn’t ‘ministry’. I don’t agree with that 100%, but a great deal of what goes on in the meta of blogs and even in the posts of blogs isn’t ministry at all. It’s idle chatter. It’s updates on the geraniums or the book deals. It’s an attempt to cause someone to remove money from their pocket and give it to the writer. Frank Turk occasionally reports ministry that occurs because of his blog. That’s great. But he’s one of how many? A Billion? Please.

The People of Christ, the Elect, all those who call themselves saved, the Word of God should be the thing for which you rely on your daily bread. A blog won’t cut it. Read ten, they won’t do the trick. Be puffed up with all the knowledge from all the blogs you’ve read and guess what? You still only be puffed up.

So I’m going to impose a 90 day blog fast upon myself. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but that’ll put me back online at the end of August. There’s a few more in the queue…but it begins this week. Drop me an email if you like if you have questions. I’ll answer those fairly promptly.

We’ll see if my summer projects pan out. (I’m pretty sure they won’t if I’m on the computer all the time.)

I’m going fishing. I’m going to teach my kids how to skip rocks. I’m going to have a bug collection contest in my garden…

I can’t wait.

But do pray for me during this time. If you happen to stop by you don’t have to leave a long comment, but drop a note in the comments section if you mean to pray for me and my family. We dearly need it.

There are far too many things that distract us from the business of raising families without adding something else. Its too important for our kids to be raised as young bible-hungry believers in Christ. Theological arguments aside, be a parent and teach your kids what they NEED to know: the Gospel. Everything else is, well, its crap.

The word of God is not bound…are you? If you know Christ you are truly unbound. You are set free from the chains of sin to do as you please and to please Him…that should truly be what pleases you. Not pleasing yourself. Not stroking your ego you watch the hit counter climb.

The word of God is not bound…and neither are his children. May the Lord bless you and keep you by his Grace (Ephesians 1)…


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