But it’s Summertime. What that means, in plain terms to a Dad who stays home, is that for the next ~ three months or so there will be no professionally organized state funded service to educate and occupy the children under you care. That means that instead of six hours of relative peace each day its full throttle from sunup to sundown. Rockets and puppies and magic flying unicorn kitty princesses and you name it. ZOOOOooooooom!

And its so easy to let it all go flowing by. The older I get the easier it is and the more likely my kids are to just let me. That’s something people don’t get. A child will learn to ignore you if you ignore them most of the time. Let’s say that again in another way: If you don’t make time to spend with your kids, they will soon learn to do without attention from you.


I didn’t say it was good for them or you for that matter but that’s the way it is.

So what’s a Dad to do? Read (or blog) the summer away and let the kids do what they want? Let them burn that energy on the swings and bikes and other implements of destruction? Well, yeah, some of the time. But this is an excellent opportunity for parents who stay home to, well, actually spend time with their children. Note I did not say ‘be in the same room with them’. Spend time…WITH the kids.

What that means for the reader? Posting might be spotty this summer or it might mostly center around post dealing with family issues. Probably a good bit of bible too…

But either way I’m not missing out on summer. No way.


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