Blogfast: the end

There are two recent events that have jarred me out of my blogfast. Athiests, ATHIESTS, have come and commented on my blog in my absence. And well they should as I am all about what they are not and someone better do something about by…can you say ‘by God’ if your an athiest? Prolly not, I don’t have that handbook handy. (And you have to get on the bad book owner list to buy the communist manifesto).

Secondly about four days ago I received over a thousand hits in two days which completely blew my mind. It was all around this post: “Things Grown Ups (With Kids)(Ought To) Know How To Do.” Which was also the one that incited the three comments I put up front a day or two ago. It’s one of those things where if you start it you better finish it. So the fast is over and I think I’ll just insist on better personal time management.

The truth of the matter is that I pretty much have something to write about everyday around here. Kids are inspiring and dishwashing is mundane so there’s lots of think time.


One response to “Blogfast: the end

  1. Glad you’re back!!

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