I love it when I get called on a joke…

Sarah who writes half of the Two-headed Blog commented today and I have to put this up front:

Oh, and finally, I’ve never read the Communist Manifesto. I’m sure you were joking, Josh, but I would be a bad atheist if I failed to remind you and your readers that “atheist” is not synonymous with “communist.”

Oh Sarah that got a serious belly laugh and I’m glad you showed up. No, I’m not equating athiests with communists and its probably purely incidental that a good many communists were athiests. Well, and the threat of forced labor in Siberia…. As far as the beer things goes, well, lets face it, its a Baptist thing. The Bible has some harsh things to say about drunkards as would most anyone who was raised by one or was associated with one in any way. I have yet, however, o find the biblical prohibition on alcohol in the text itself–what ever your stance on ‘oinos.’

One or the reasons I appreciate Sarah’s comments here–and even the other three non-believers I wrote about above– for those of you who are recoiling at some of the things she wrote, is that she is at least as candid and honest as my Christian readers about what she believes. I can’t find fault with that. I don’t agree with a bunch of what she says but it is, in fact, America. The glorious thing about it is that, as she says, she can decide to reconcile for herself after she dies without fear of retribution from the church. (I’m reading Bainton’s biography of Luther right now and he has just escaped the stake so its fresh on my mind). We’re coming up on a billion blogs or something like that–surely theres someone else’s opinion you can read if you don’t like mine.

That being said I think I would be a bad Baptist if I did remind her and the rest of my readers that waiting until after you die to reconcile with God is a bad idea. Today is the day of salvation…

Anyway. I’m going to link her in a new category called athiests if she doesn’t mind. Even if you don’t like her politics or her opinions she’s got some great restaurant reviews.


3 responses to “I love it when I get called on a joke…

  1. Hah! Thanks for the shout-out.

    Been to any good restaurants lately?

  2. Chan’s in Mesquite, TX. Best Chinese I ever put in my mouth. The Sesame Chicken is delightful and the Hunan…mmmmm.

  3. Okay, I’m hungry now. Fortunately, I happened to bring some spicy kung pao with me today. Sweet.

    Oh, and it’s fine if you want to link to my blog. I don’t mind one bit.

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