I was watching a ballgame this week and after it was over, we just let the TV run for awhile. We don’t usually do that—TV’s mostly not worth watching these days—but we did tonight. I noticed something, though, that sort of got me thinking and I’m a little ticked off by it.

It seems we’ve forgotten where we come from, us Christians. We’ve forgotten our own heritage, not our adopted family the great ‘cadre of believers’ as a pastor of mine used to say. We don’t seem to remember that Christ had to die on a cross to deliver us from that heritage. The heritage of sin and death and hell is of course what I’m talking about. The fact that without the cross and without the Christ on it we would be destined for an eternity of incandescent agony which would still not alleviate the penalty we justly deserve for our disobedience to the Father.

“No I haven’t,” you’ve probably just said. “He’s gone off his rocker” you could have thought, adding an ‘again’ if you’ve known me at all. The fact is, though, that its what I perceive of the church in America. Here’s the thing: this is likely the only time she will be in a position where she can be ministered to by God’s people. Has anyone attempted this? Has anyone tried?

Oh probably. Surely that part of the world isn’t completely without a Christian witness of some sort but I haven’t seen it. All I hear is laughter when the little princess has run out of face cream. Surely this rant could be about anyone in the world other than Paris Hilton. But lets try to remember what real justice would give us and try to be grateful for the mercy and grace we have received.


One response to “Justice

  1. What a great reminder. It is too easy to point the finger at the sins of non-believers all the while forgetting that we were once one of them too. Before we give ourselves too much credit for where we stand today, we must look back and see how far we’ve come. Usually this gives me a new burden for my unsaved friends and the sins they are bound up in.

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