City Folk…sheesh.

City folk…sheesh.

I figured Frank at least knew better than this.

In honor the fact that the TeamPyro triumvirate is coming to Owasso for the Founders Conference I thought I’d try to work up a post regarding some of the things you could do around there even if you were at a conference.

Tulsa is actually pretty metro compared to the rest of the state and Owasso, being a proper bedroom community, isn’t far behind. I found this list of hotspots and, to my enduring surprise, discovered that there’s actually a Starbucks in Owasso, OK. Wow…now that’s civilization.

If you can’t make it to Eskimo Joes in Stillwater, never fear. The RibCrib has the best cheese fries in town (Er, do they eat cheese fries in California?) plus it’s a pretty good barbecue joint something which I suppose is illegal in California…environmental hazard or something. Cooking MEAT with SMOKE! The nerve! The good news is that they have a location in Florida so if Tom Ascol likes it he can get a fix locally. I’m not worried about Frank. He knows how to survive in the country.

If you are in the mood for a cheesburger type meal, catch any Sonic–no link. Just drive around a bit and you’ll find one–and you’ll likely be satisfied but the onion rings at Webers should not be missed.

While the azaleas at Woodward park are probably played out the rose garden at the Tulsa Garden Center should be fantastic this year. I didn’t see a map link on the website but its at about 21st and Peoria. There are also some pretty nice houses and things in that area—just drive around, you can’t miss it.

While I know Frank runs a bookstore he might need to find a certain book while he’s away from home. If I was in dire need of a book in that part of the world I’d go to Mardel. If they don’t have it they can probably get it. Plus, they generally have a delightful discount table. I once picked up Charnok’s Existence and Attributes of God there for $9.95.

I just now went over to TeamPyro and found this post by Dan Phillips. Seriously Dan, if you’re going to ‘sing the praises’ of the great state of Oklahoma at least go take some lessons. It’s a pretty good show.


7 responses to “City Folk…sheesh.

  1. If yer still down in Tulsa, go see Papa Tom at 131st and Memorial. Technically it’s in Bixby, but I propose it’s the best BBQ in T-town. It’s a drive, but you will not be disappointed.

  2. Thats a good suggestion because its pretty easy to jump on 69(?) south and be at 13st in about 25 minutes if its the right time of day.

  3. I have it on good authority that “cheese fries” are not part of “California cuisine”. ‘Course up here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have them either unless your talking those one with the three alarm chili spread over them and the Wisconsin cheddar melted amongst the chili. Now thats good eats.

  4. Although I was born out of state, I grew up in Owasso. Every time I go back there to visit my parents, I’m amazed by all the new development (if you think it’s the sticks now, you should’ve seen it back in the 80’s). When my brother graduated high school in 2001, there was twice as many kids in his class as there was in mine back in 1994.

    Sadly, Owasso still lacks any shred of personality whatsoever. It’s the Edmond of the Tulsa metro – minus all the swanky restaurants.

    For any0ne spending time in the Tulsa area, though – I have to recommend Cherry Street, the Blue Dome district and the Philbrook Museum of Art.

  5. Okay…I just checked out the list of Owasso “hotspots.” McDonald’s? Mazzio’s? The U.P.S. Store? I bet the scene’s really jumpin’ there.

    You have got to be kidding me.

    Merritt’s Bakery is excellent, though. Our wedding cake was made by the original location in Tulsa. White cake with raspberry filling…mmmmm…

  6. Way back in 1994 huh? You ol’ geezer.

    Our cake was made at the Alberston’s down on Peoria in the Brookside area back when dial-up was a new idea.

    Merritt’s is much cooler, though. And Cherry Street’s not to be missed. It’s just not the same without the Full Moon though.

    It’s the Edmond of the Tulsa metro – minus all the swanky restaurants.

    STOP! I’m about fall off my chair laughing here which could be dangerous at my age.

  7. A friend told me about a great bumper sticker he spotted recently. It read, “Don’t Edmond My Norman.”

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