Sweet Liberty

Liberty. It’s something we take for granted in this country…

Or that’s what I should be writing. I can’t muster up the ire this morning. Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I should have written an inspiring post about the wonders of the ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’. Don’t get me wrong, its wonderful to be able to have dreams and try to fulfill them and to pursue happiness. To live in a place where life and liberty are so abundant that they are most of the time in the background. It leaves me speechless this year.

So I just played with my kids. We bought some poppers and some little tanks and things. My niece stabbed me in the leg with a lit punk. I taught her some new words.

Hey, it hurt OK?

Liberty. Sometimes we misuse it. Am I concerned about my soul because I said ‘shit’ in front of seven, six, and five year old kids? Not at all—they’re in public school. They’ve heard much worse. I don’t like that it happened but it’s a fact of life. It’s not even that old liberty vs. license thing because nine tenths of the people who read this are not going to understand liberty from the biblical perspective anyway. If you’d like to do so, read this. It’s as good of an explanation as I’ve ever read.

The point is that in celebrating our liberty we have diluted its meaning. We take a day out of the year and suddenly its OK for the kids to play with fire and explosives or both simultaneously. My goal for the day: avoid the burn unit. It’s not about being free from oppression or free to worship however we please or even indulge in our capitalist mindset, or not anymore. It’s about time for me. Its about an extra day off from work so I can go to the lake or do nothing.

And that’s freedom of a sort I suppose.


2 responses to “Sweet Liberty

  1. What an honest post. Thank you for sharing all of that. I often feel like a real hypocrite on my own blog because I know what I truly believe and write about, and I also know how often I royally mess up in my real life. Thank God my hope is in Christ’s righteousness and not my own! Amazing grace!

    And I felt the same way about the 4th this year. I’m so incredibly thankful for the freedoms we have, but I am worn out with some of the attitudes I see all around me about them. The post you linked to is excellent.

  2. Amen sister and you’re welcome. I am a big time messer-upper too and I am confident that there are a good number of others in the same boat.

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