I am in dire need of prayer. If you’re a Christian and you read this, please pray for Josh. Thats me.

If I can get back by here I’ll do the same for you if you leave a comment.

I’m tagging everyone in my blogroll plus anyone else I can think of…so I guess its a meme.

Please pray. Thats all I’m asking.

Dr. Mohler
colossians three sixteen
Dan Phillips
Desiring God
Everyday Miracle
Pulpit Magazine
Sweet Tea with Lemon
The Highway
The Shepherd’s Scrapbook
This Bread Always
Timmy Brister
Words of Grace


7 responses to “Prayer

  1. Lifting you up as I pray this morning, Josh.

  2. You’re in my thoughts, Josh. Hope everything’s okay.

  3. will certainly pray!

  4. Josh,

    I will certainly lift you up, brother.

  5. Thank you all. You are a delight to my heart.

  6. Don’t know what your need is but God does. Will pray for you.


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