Its been a tough summer for writing and, actually, I haven’t really written anything substantial since school let out. I’ve found that having all my children home at the same time has severely diluted my attention span. I am, once again, on survival mode.

I can’t say I like it much.

It takes a month or so for me to get a handle on it and I thing next year I’m going to start earlier than the ‘First Day of Summer.’ I’m not big on planning small things preferring, rather, to just sort of take things as they come. Big things require enough effort and Summer is one long Big Thing. I figure if I start about April next year I can get a grip on it and be ready for the big jolt at the end of May. I mean like planning twelve weeks worth of activities, etc. I’m going to need a bigger calendar…

One thing that has helped, aside from prayer and the prayer of others, is music. I installed an under cabinet stereo in my kitchen earlier this year (one of those $20 Walmart jobs with a CD player.) It helps. Although I’m not all that impressed with the quality of Christian music these days from a worship perspective, I do enjoy listening to some of it. I’m not about to get all regulative on you or anything but I feel like music for entertainment or listening pleasure is just that. Music. Do I still have a ‘Day of Fire’ CD in my grocery wagon? Oh yeah. Because sometimes I need a little kick in the rear to keep going. Sometimes its a ‘Disciple’ day and sometimes, on the really rough ones, its ‘Guns and Roses.’ I usually try to listen to a little preaching in the morning too but it doesn’t take long before I load up ‘Kind of Blue’ or ‘The Bluegrass Album’ or some of my downloaded digital music–an eclectic mix at best. Sort of like Mama’s goulash hold the Veg-All.

I figured I was over doing it a couple of weeks ago, though, when my one year old woke up and I heard her sweet voice humming the opening guitar notes of ‘Smoke on the Water’. I’ve only played it a couple of times but the older kids love it and will break out into song for any old reason. Sometimes its ‘Victory and Jesus’ and sometimes is something else but its always a joy to hear their voices.

So I’m trying to do things that nourish me. Is that a good word? I don’t know if ‘nourish’ is right. I’m not looking for a theological diatribe from anyone but there are times where if you don’t take care of yourself no one will. Most times, in fact, you have to just say, “OK. But I am finishing this cup of coffee come hell or high water.” Does that sound selfish? Probably, but its a heck of a lot better than twisting off because you’ve completely burnt yourself out.

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